All orders generated by your personally enrolled customers pay generous retail commissions up to 100%. Customers can choose to pay the regular retail price with one-time orders or receive discounted pricing by becoming a Preferred Customer and receiving an average of 50% savings off the retail price. All it takes to become a Preferred Customer is to have at least one commissionable product on Autoship. Zilis products are consumable, so Autoship offers a convenient way for customers to ensure they always have on hand the Zilis products they need.

QUALIFICATION: You must be an Ambassador in good standing during the period in which the customer purchase occurs.



Earn a lucrative Fast Start Bonus when you personally enroll a new Ambassador with an optional product pack. FSBs are a tremendous opportunity to earn while training your organization to establish a solid product foundation on which to grow.

Pack Sponsor Paid
Bronze $20
Silver $60
Gold $130

QUALIFICATION: Sponsor must be an Active Ambassador within the period in which the new enrollment occurs. Active is defined as having 50 Autoship PV or 75 other PV in the current or previous monthly period from your own and your retail customer’s orders. Fast start bonuses will be forfeited if this requirement is not met.



This dynamic structure pays you up to $30,000 a week, based on rank, for generating product sales to infinite generations. Every Ambassador has a placement tree with two sides, a left team and a right team.

Ambassadors enjoy a generous payout of up to 20% of the lesser side volume (LSV) from your left and right legs each week. BV is generated anytime a new Ambassador enrollment pack or upgrade is generated within your left or right team. In addition, you may qualify to store and carry over additional unused BV from your more dominant leg (also known as your stronger leg). Stored volume is limited to a maximum of one million points as defined below. Either of your binary teams can be considered a stronger or lesser leg during any bonus period.

QUALIFICATION: Earning potential is determined primarily by rank. For accelerated binary commissions, you must have 100 Autoship PV or 150 other PV in the current or previous period from your own and your customer’s orders.


1. Only BV from new Ambassador enrollment packs or upgrades is paid in the binary.

2. A minimum of 300BV on each leg is required to generate a binary commission. When paid, an equal amount of BV is deducted from each leg.

3. Stored volume requirements apply. After any maximum weekly payout is met (per rank definitions) within a bonus period, any unused lesser leg volume will be reset to zero and will not carry over into the next bonus period.

4. All lesser leg BV must be sponsor tree volume. Any BV placed under an Ambassador’s historically lesser leg by their upline is strictly prohibited. This is specifically designed to prevent manipulation of the Binary and does not apply to naturally fluctuating stronger/lesser legs.

Binary Team


Rank Earnings


As outlined below, an active Ambassador may store and carry over up to one million BV in their strong leg.

Stored volume acts like rollover minutes on a cell phone plan. Even though the volume may have been generated months prior, if volume is stored it may be used for commission purposes later. Maintaining stored volume gives Ambassadors the ultimate flexibility. Volume requirements for storing volume may come from an Ambassador’s personal or customer orders.

Monthly BV Requirements to Store Volume
Autoship 100 BV
Non-autoship 150 BV




1. You must achieve the rank in question in the previous or current calendar month prior to the close of the weekly pay period in question to qualify for IFS earnings. If you are not qualified at the time the IFS bonus is run, the bonus will be forfeited and purged.

2. Ambassadors who rank advance immediately qualify for IFS earnings in the week in which they rank advance.

3. New enrollees must have total active Autoship profile(s) of at least 50 PV during the weekly period in which they have enrolled for IFS bonuses to pay. This volume may be from an Ambassador’s personal profile or from the enrolling Ambassador’s personal customer(s). If this requirement is not met, IFS bonuses will be forfeited and purged.

Infinity Fast Start




The foundation of your residual income is the Generational Bonus. When you build a solid Ambassador and customer base, you’re creating a pipeline of monthly residual income for your family. Qualify to earn each month on all product volume generated up to six generations of your organization. The best part is that your own rank, not those of your downline organization, determines the number of generations you qualify to earn on.


1. GBs are paid on all sponsor tree volume excluding join packs.

2. Percentages are calculated based upon the qualifying volume and the generation from which the volume originates.

3. Minimum qualifications are verified on the fifth day of each new month before GBs for the previous month are paid on the 15th. If you do not meet the required qualification for a particular generation at the time verification is run, the GB will be forfeited and purged.

Generation Associate Community City Area Regional National & Above
1 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
2 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
3 5% 5% 5% 5%
4 4% 4% 4%
5 3% 3%
6 2%



This component is one of the most exciting highlights in the Zilis compensation plan. Earn monthly bonuses of up to 9% on the total generational volume produced within your designated leadership teams each month. Infinity Residuals are paid on all sponsor tree volume, excluding Ambassador starter packs. The more product sold by your teams, the more you’ll earn. IRB potential is limitless since it is not capped and pays through unlimited generations.


1. To earn, you must have achieved or re-qualify for the leadership level in question each calendar month.

2. Minimum requirements for the previous calendar month are verified on the fifth day of each new month. IRBs are calculated and paid for the previous month on the 15th.

3. If you are titled at a lifetime rank higher than your actual earned rank in the previous calendar month, IRBs for the unqualified rank will be forfeited and purged.

Infinity Residual Bonus




Qualify for lifetime Infinity Matching Bonuses on all personally sponsored Ambassadors at equal leadership rank. The more you personally enroll and the more success you generate within your team, the higher matching you earn. All Ambassadors qualify for 10% Infinity Matching Bonus beginning at Area Ambassador. IMBs go up to 40% at Presidential.


Leap forward with a Gold pack. All new enrollees with a Gold pack receive 20% matching potential on all personally enrolled Ambassadors for life. This incentive encourages you to personally sponsor quality and quantity, all the while supporting them in becoming successful.

Rank IMB Match
Area 10%
Regional 20%
National 30%
Presidential 40%


1. You must be qualified at the rank from which you desire to earn IMBs. If the sponsor is not qualified at the same level as their personally enrolled Ambassador, matching is adjusted to the include the IRB earned at the highest level the sponsor is currently qualified.

2. Due to the extreme payout potential of IMBs, Zilis requires the sponsor to earn equivalent rank as their personals within within twelve months. If the sponsor does not qualify at the equivalent rank within these time frames matching bonuses for the individual Ambassador rank in question are permanently forfeited.

3. Matching bonus rights are non-transferable and nonsalable.




As a Zilis Ambassador, you’re a part of a global program to give to children in need. But at Zilis the giving doesn’t stop there. We are dedicated to giving back to our communities in more ways than one. Our Blessing Bonus is the only one of its kind in the industry. Leave it to Zilis to come up with something this impactful and exciting. The Blessing Bonus provides all qualified City Ambassadors and above with the ability to give in their local community by simply building their business.

When you achieve the rank of City Ambassador, Zilis rewards you with $100 per month and will increase your Blessing Bonus up to $400 per month based on rank. Studies show that performing selfless acts of kindness is one of the easiest ways to improve your own life. Zilis believes that once its Ambassadors start changing the lives of the people around them, they will be hooked on giving!

The recipient can be a well-established non-profit, a family member in need or a total stranger. How you choose to “pay it forward” is completely up to you. All the company asks is that you send us a photo or video from time to time so we can share it as well.


1. You must achieve the City Ambassador rank or higher during the qualifying monthly period. Qualifications are verified for the previous month on the fifth day of each month before Blessing Bonuses are calculated and paid for the previous month on the 15th.

2. It is the sole discretion of each Ambassador to choose where they give their Blessing Bonus. Zilis encourages Ambassadors to seek moments of meaning and the greatest impact.
3. Ambassadors must provide documentation of a Blessing Bonus moment with photo or video to once a quarter. Failure to do so once a calendar quarter will result in a forfeiture of the Blessing Bonus. In this instance, no further Blessing Bonuses will be paid until the Ambassador submits documentation of a Blessing Bonus moment.

City/Area Regional National Presidential Diamond & Above
$100 $200 $300 $400 $500



Have you ever wanted the benefits of a corporate career without the JOB? Welcome to the Zilis Benefits Program! We are revolutionizing the Direct Sales industry – one Ambassador at a time.

Regional Ambassadors and above are eligible to qualify for health insurance reimbursements up to $1,500 per month. Having health insurance is the cornerstone of any solid financial plan. Zilis wants as many Ambassadors as possible to take their businesses full-time should they choose. Our Healthcare Bonus removes one of the largest obstacles to many direct sales professionals leaving traditional careers.

Regional National Presidential Diamond Double Diamond & Above
$500 $750 $1,000 $1,250 $1,500

1. The Healthcare Bonus is paid to qualified Ambassadors in the amount of their premium and up to the qualified amount after proof of insurance is approved by Zilis. If a qualified Ambassador is not insured or receiving free health insurance, the bonus will be forfeited.

2. Health insurance contract and agreement must be in the name of the qualifying Ambassador or their spouse. Program benefits are non-transferable and non-combinable. The bonus applies for one individual or married couple per distributorship.

3. Proof of insurance must be submitted prior to the fifth day after the initial qualifying calendar month for reimbursement. Failure to provide all required documentation will result in forfeiture of the bonus each month until appropriate documentation is submitted and approved.

4. Reimbursements will begin during the month in which payment is approved and premium payments are being made.

5. Only qualified health insurance plans are eligible. All plans are subject to approval by Zilis.

6. Participants are subject to quarterly documentation checks for the Healthcare Bonus to continue.

Jeep Club



Nothing says freedom like a Jeep! The Zilis Jeep program is an incentive reward offered to Ambassadors who achieve and maintain the position of Area Ambassador or above in the Zilis Compensation Plan. With the Jeep Bonus, you’re eligible to select a Jeep Wrangler or Grand Cherokee, and Zilis will reimburse your lease or loan payment.

You can qualify for a Jeep in multiple ways, the easiest of which is to complete a 4×4 (see the Zilis presentation for more details). Once you qualify as an Area Ambassador, review the Jeep Club flyer available for download in your Zilis Cloud.

Special Fast Track: New Ambassadors may meet rank qualifications within their first 30 days plus end of weekly period as a special Fast Track option.


1. Qualified Ambassadors that do not want a qualified Jeep will receive a 50% cash payment.

2. Reimbursements are for the payment amount or highest qualified bonus, whichever is lower.

3. Reimbursements begin for the month in which the first payment is due. See the Jeep Club paperwork for complete program details.


We strongly encourage Ambassadors to qualify for their Jeep Bonus for several consecutive months prior to acquiring a new Jeep. See the Jeep Club flyer in your Zilis Ambassador Cloud for all details.

Area Regional National Presidential Diamond Double Diamond & Above
$400 $500 $700 $800 $1,000 $1,200



Reaching for the stars has its own reward. The Global Bonus Pool compensates our Regionals and above with quarterly revenue sharing. Two percent of all generational volume is shared by qualified Regionals, Nationals, and Presidentials. Earnings are paid in direct proportion to the overall contribution of your sponsor tree team.

Rank Regional National Presidential
% of Global Pool 50% 30% 20%

Ambassadors must qualify two out of three calendar months at each rank per calendar quarter to earn shares. Failure to qualify will result in forfeiture of revenue sharing for the quarter in question.


Effective April 2016

The Zilis Compensation Plan is an exciting opportunity that literally empowers you to change the world. The concept of combining social entrepreneurship with direct sales is new, which is why Zilis has committed to operating with as much transparency as possible. Since Zilis has recently launched, it lacks enough statistical data to prepare reliable income disclosures. The numbers below reflect estimates prepared by the company pending a more detailed survey. Based on industry standards, the average annual gross income for Direct Sales distributors averages less than $300. There will certainly be participants who will earn less while others will earn much more. It is important to note that if income projections were presented to you prior to your enrollment, such projections are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through your participation in the Compensation Plan. Success with Zilis results only from hard work, dedication, and leadership.

Email or call 214-705-3702 with questions.

  • Zilis LLC
    415 US Hwy 377, STE 2020
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    ZILIS s.r.o.
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  • Zilis LLC
    415 US Hwy 377, STE 2020
    Argyle, TX 76226

    ZILIS s.r.o.
    110 00 Praha
    Czech Republic

  • Zilis LLC
    415 US Hwy 377, STE 2020
    Argyle, TX 76226

    ZILIS s.r.o.
    110 00 Praha
    Czech Republic